2019 Results

1st Place

Stephen Tomlinson

Cuillin Grandeur - 1436 Votes

Winning - £1,000 in cash plus a Kase Filters holder, polarising filter and 10 stop neutral density filter (worth £240)

“The view across to the Black Cuillin from Sligachan is one that never fails to impress me, whatever the weather conditions. On this occasion, with a light dusting of snow on the peaks, moody skies and subtle late-afternoon sunlight starting to break through the clouds, the moment seemed just right. The roaring Allt Dearg Mor provides wonderful foreground opportunities and, by crouching low above the water and using a 6 second exposure, I was able to capture the splendour and beauty of this classic location.”

What the judges say
One of the most familiar views of the Black Cuillin I made all the better when it has a fresh dusting of snow. The inclusion of the foreground river adds to the story of this image, and the dramatic clouds and epic light complete the package. What’s not to like?

2nd Place

Ian Perkins

Talisker Gold - 1088 Votes

Winning - £250 in cash.

“I had chosen this day to visit Talisker Bay because I knew that the receding tide would coincide nicely with sunset. The shallow sloping sandy beach is ideal for the wave trails I had hoped to capture. However, you can't plan the weather, and I had been plagued with typically 'Scottish' weather for the previous two days! But as luck would have it there was a break in the rain-clouds at just the right time, and the resulting crepuscular rays beautifully mirrored the wave trails.”

What the judges say
Skye isn’t known for its beaches, but Talisker Bay is probably the exception. Dark volcanic sands mixed with white soft are always going to be striking, and this one with the colours of a dramatic sunset really jump out. The exposure time used here is perfect - long enough to create the foreground movement but short enough to keep detail in the more distant waves.

3rd Place

Anthony Robin

A New Planet - 957 Votes

Winning - £100 in cash.

“It’s easy to get cut off by the rising water at this location so I had to keep an eye on the time and the tide. I had to work fast but I found these amazing rock formations and I definitely fell in love with the colours and the textures. It was quite a difficult shot, as the contrast between the sky and the foreground was huge but I’m happy that I can show some of the magic that took place there that day.”

What the judges say
Very few photographers know of this location so it is not common to see pictures of it. The combination of a strong silhouette and warm colours in the sky which are reflected in the foreground water made this shot stand out among the many entries. By getting the camera down low, the foreground has become a major feature of the shot, adding texture and form to the photo.


All other finalists also receive £50 in cash (places 4 -10).

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