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Where does the money go?

The Skye Photo Challenge is a non profit making entity. Each image costs £5 to enter, and this money goes into the prize fund. We estimate the prize fund on previous year’s figures. If the competition generates more income than expected then any surplus gets added to the following year’s prize fund. Any shortfall is covered by the organisers.

In the first year we gave away prizes worth £500, and now in our third year the prize fund has grown to an impressive £2,000. The competition has overheads such as website maintenance, domain hosting, marketing and promotion, and general admin. These are small costs, but need to be paid for to keep the competition fresh and professional.

The long term goal of this competition is to start a charity which will receive all surplus funds. To achieve this however, we need to increase the number of entries substantially, so please help spread the word!


The top 10 entries from 2018