To find the winner of the 2019 Skye Photo Challenge there are 3 rounds of judging.

Round-1First Round

All images entered will be judged anonymously by Marcus McAdam, he will decide the top 50 which will go through to the second round.

Round-2Second Round

The second round will be judged anonymously by professional Skye based photographers Nick Hanson and Harry Martin. They will select the final ten images which go forward to the public vote.


The top ten images will be showcased here from the 10th to the 17th November (closing at 10pm). Your votes decide who gets the prizes.

Nick Hanson

Nick Hanson Nick is an award winning photographer with many years of experience under his lens cap. He covers both landscapes and wildlife for his job on the Isle of Skye where he hosts workshops and other photography services. “Skye is unique in its scenery and special in its wildlife and lifestyle traditions. Seeing these every day is something difficult to get tired of. To have the opportunity to see it through other photographer’s eyes is something I am looking forward to”. Nick is no stranger to photo competitions as he was a recent Photographer of the Year here in Scotland.

Marcus McAdam

Marcus McAdam is an Isle of Skye based professional photographer, and knows the island and its landscapes as good as anyone. He has been teaching photography for over 10 years, and as well as lecturing at the Lacock School of Photography, also runs his own workshops on Skye. The quality of his work is widely recognised throughout the industry, something which has led to sponsorship by iconic photography brands such as Hasselblad, Fuji, and Lowepro. “I myself am a past Photographer of the Year winner, and it was this achievement which gave me the confidence to dive into the world of making a living with my camera. It would be great to help someone else achieve the same result through this competition.” You can see some of Marcus’s Isle of Skye work on his website. www.MarcusMcAdam.com

Harry Martin

Harry Martin Harry is a zoologist and a lover in all things natural. He spends his time exploring both the landscapes and wildlife of Skye with his camera. He was recently crowned the winner of the Land category of the 2016 Scottish Nature Photography Awards, so he knows a thing or two about what it takes to win a competition like this. “I love judging photo competitions, especially when I know the subject so well. I’ll be looking for images which hold my attention and have something special about them”.


The top 10 entries from 2019